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The Uxbridge Bruins Alumni Golf Tournament was a huge success this past weekend…

IMG_4146IMG_4104Photos Courtesy Lorna Waters.

The Uxbridge Bruins Alumni Golf Tournament was a huge success this past weekend raising funds for the Bruins Hockey Club. There were 130 golfers and approximately 40 Alumni in attendance for this year’s event. The intention is to grow this tournament to bring the alumni back together year after year to help support the current Bruins in the quest for a title.

 This year’s event was held at the prestigious Wooden sticks Golf Course and we would like to thank Steve Wilson and his crew on a memorable day. Through great avenues including the Bruins Alumni and all the families on the current roster we were able to raise funds to put back to the current season in regards to equipment and the added travel to places like Lakefield and Apsley, Ontario and more.

 We would like to thank the organizers of this year’s event Geoff Hodgkinson and Andrew Langlands for all your hard work at this year’s tournament and they will be back on a yearly basis.

 The Alumni along with the Uxbridge Bruins wish to thank the following who provided hole sponsorship for this year’s event: 1. Markham Mowers 2. Fischer Hockey 3. Scary Skate 4. Syl Apps – Scotiabank  5. NRG 4 Life 6. Molinnus Plumbing and Heating 7. Williamson Chrysler 8. Foxbridge Golf Course 9. The State Group 10. Zephyr Peat Land Harvesting 11. Coopers CSA 12. Life’s Journey Financial 13. Mestek Canada 14. The Sheedy Family 15. The Pollard Family 16. Noble Corporation 17. Success Factors.

 The Tournament will be a yearly tradition, we are looking for all the Bruins Alumni to get in touch with us and provide there contact information so that this can continue to grow. Wishing the Bruins a great season ahead and we are looking forward to seeing everyone next fall or at the rink this season to cheer on the Bruins. “Once a Bruins, Always a Bruin”